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HYbrid is the connecting link between traditional espresso machines and super-automatic machines: fantastic end product quality combined with an easy to use machine.

  • HYbrid makes simple that which could only ever be done by professional baristas: this high-tech espresso machine has the entire grinding, dosing and compressing procedure of a typical super-automatic coffee machine built-in, which leads to excellent results, even when inexperienced baristas or users are using the machine:
    • coffee is extracted in the filter holder like traditional machines
    • grinders are built-in on request
    • automated coffee dosing and compression.
  • Consistent performance even when there is a high staff turnover.
  • User-friendly symbols are used when preparing an espresso.
  • Modern design that is reminiscent of the Italian-style traditional espresso machines.
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Key Features

Easy to Use

  • The filter holder doesn’t need to be turned and no force is necessary to lock it in place.
  • The coffee doesn’t need to be compressed (there is no tamper).
  • There is only one manual operation: emptying the filter holder.
  • The Autosteamer is operated via an icon on the display.
  • The grinder can be deselected via the display in order to use pre-ground coffee powder

Easy to Set Up

  • Coffee parameters: coffee quantity, water dose, water pressure in the filter holder, pre-infusion time.
  • Milk parameters: milk quantity, milk temperature, froth consistency.
  • Coffee boiler and slider temperatures.
  • The machine’s technical parameters are in a single menu.
  • Parameters can be programmed and transferred via a USB stick.


    • View the activity of each individual machine: beverage recipes, counters, operating data, location, alarms that have appeared.
    • Edit the machine and beverage parameters. Wi-Fi communication with an external router (end of 2017: also via a GSM/GPRS module). Each user can be set up to view different data/ machines.
  • Dispensed beverage counters
    • Every programmed beverage is individually counted. All of the dispenses (when the grinder is deselected) are counted separately. Time statistics of the coffee consumed (days/weeks/months). The counters can be viewed without a USB stick and downloaded.
  • Till connection system
    • Debit/ credit (the user pays for the beverages at the till and the machine is enabled to dispense those beverages).
    • Debit/ credit (the user receives the beverage and the till is informed that the beverage has been dispensed).

Technical Specifications

1 Group 2 Groups
2 coffee grinders 2 coffee grinders 3 coffee grinders
Width (mm) 622 822
Height (mm) 673 673
Depth (mm) 583 594
Net weight 84kg 118kg 121kg
Voltage – Main Frequency 230 or 400 V – 50/60 Hz 230 or 400 V – 50/60 Hz
Maximum absorbed power 4.8 kW 6.7 kW 7.0 kW
Steam boiler 4L 8L
Coffee boiler(s) 1 x 1.2 L 2 x 1.2 L
Hopper Capacity 1 kg (0.5+0.5) 2 kg (1+1) 2 kg (1+0, 5+0, 5)
No. of steam wands 2 2
No. of 5” TFT touchscreen panels 1 2
No. of hot water nozzles 1 1
No. of pumps 1 for the dispensing group
+ 1 for the Cappuccino maker (if present)
2 (1 for each dispensing group)
+ 1 for the Cappuccino maker (if present)
No. of milk nozzles
(with the automatic Cappuccino maker)
2 starting from September 2017
2 starting from September 2017
Programmable Beverages 24:
12 for the left group
+12 for the right group
Left : 24 (12 with the single filterholder
+ 12 with the double filterholder)Right : 24 (12 with the single filterholder
+ 12 with the double filterholder)
USB 1 USB port + 1 USB stick (for machine programming)
Distance: Tray to coffee spout with grills: 81 mm (3.2”) • without grills: 138 mm (5.4”)
Max Hourly Output – Espresso* 120 drinks 240 drinks (120 drinks per brewing group)
Max Hourly Output
Coffee / Cafè Crema*
104 drinks 208 drinks (104 drinks per brewing group)
Max Hourly Output
Coffee / Espresso / Coffee / Cafè Crema
350 drinks 700 drinks (350 drinks per brewing group)
Max Hourly Output
Cappuccino (180 ml – 6 oz)*
up to 77 drinks per hour (single milk spout)
up to 110 drinks per hour (double milk spout)
Max Daily Output – hot water 20 litre/hour 25 litre/hour
Filter baskets’ capacity With grinding grade for Espresso :
Single : standard 11 grams ; (option: small 8.5 grams)
Double : standard 15.5 grams; maxi 16,5 grams; (option: small 12,5 grams)
Deeper Double Filterholder (option) 17-21 grams
* strongly depending on drink recipe; test carried out under DIN 18873-2 conditions

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